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My name is Alexis Brown.  As the Emissary of EmpowermentI’m excited to share with you what may very well be the quantum leap you've been looking for to your financial freedom.  

Get Ready to activate your Mind/Body/Wealth Connection in  the SIX WEEKS TO WEALTH EMPOWERMENT program.

Is Money the source of empowerment for you? 

                                 Or the source of stress?

Stress is a huge factor in your experience around money.  

Most of us can't think clearly in stressful situations.  We forget things weknow really well.  Simple solutions to problems suddenly feel impossible.

Stress causes the brain to flood our body with adrenalin and cortisol which then shuts down the creative problem solving part of our brain.  We can recognize this happening in many ways:  anxiety, worry, overwhelm, insomnia, low energy, procrastination, even health .

This is the body in a fight or flight response, or freeze mode.  

So stress is both an emotional AND a physical response. It controls how you think and how your body and brain functions. While fight or flight mode is great if you're are under attack it doesn't help you deal with the endless demands of life.  

So when it comes to changing your financial experience
stress is a huge liability.

Taking charge of your money is essential to taking ownership of your life!

For most of us, increasing our wealth is both one of our greatest ambitions and where we feel the most stress.

Positive thinking is great and yet it only works if there are no conflicting beliefs.

Discover how EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping, has become a popular tool for allowing us to act in our best interest.  For many of us, one of our main aspirations is to be financially free.   

Tapping is the ONLY technique that can eliminate the inner subconscious programming of our limiting beliefs.  However, tapping alone isn't complete unless you know what to apply it to. 

That’s where Six Weeks to Wealth Empowerment completes the picture for you.  It will change the way you view and react to your situation.  Six weeks of releasing your negative beliefs about money and open the door to greater things. 

It will dramatically change your life!  

DISCOVER how you really feel about money & how your ‘Subconscious’ is the culprit for sabotaging your wealth.

EXPERIENCE the shift in your self-image, from someone unable to create what they want to someone who discovers what’s truly possible for them.

I invite you to STAND in your own commitment and vision of what you desire with confidence and....

 Live the Difference!

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For a summary of research in the Energy Psychology field (in which EFT is the most prolific method used), please   Read Article by David Feinstien  




































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